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Vending With A Vision


freshlogoFreshBrew Vending is Houston’s largest privately owned full service vending company with customers in the region’s eight county area, routes that crisscross the area and an enterprise-wide commitment to our customers that redefines full service vending.
Born in 1997 as an extension of FreshBrew Group’s office coffee services (OCS), FreshBrew Vending has grown over the years through acquisition and integration with some of the area’s most respected and successful vending services companies with innovative solutions. Having built up its own OCS business to become Houston’s largest, it sold the OCS division in 2007 to focus on expanding and improving its vending operations. Armed with the expertise of true vending professionals and the vision to lead the field in the introduction of new vending technology to deliver cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable vending services, FreshBrew Vending has earned a reputation for the highest quality service levels.
Not only does FreshBrew Vending offer and install the most current vending equipment, state-of-the-art computer hardware and software are also key components to our operations. We leverage technology to deliver better accountability per machine; accurate sales tracking, inventory control and purchasing history; cash management and automated controls and invoicing, as well as optimal scheduling and routing recommendations — all to maximize “never-out” timeliness and selection.
From technology to program development and implementation, from equipment and product selection to restocking and servicing, we understand that full service vending requires painstaking attention to every variable and every detail in order to make your experience with FreshBrew vending a simple, effortless and pleasing one.
We work with you seamlessly, behind the scenes, to make sure your employees, contract workers, associates, patrons and patients have the vending selection and services required to satisfy their needs and preferences.
At FreshBrew Vending, we believe that success is a process that requires hard work, diligence, effort, dedication and communication, day after day. We concentrate on the basics, master them, and then move on to the next level of expertise and service to meet and exceed your expectations.
We promise.


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Full Service Vending


FreshBrew Vending’s commitment to you goes far beyond just filling the machines as needed. We’re committed to making every detail of your experience with our company stress-free and effortless. And we know that to achieve this, it requires nothing less than day-in and day-out work and dedication to every detail, no matter how insignificant. We take our responsibilities seriously.


From start…
First of all, we strive to set mutual objectives for each and every customer and then to achieve them. We believe that our vending services should add value to your facility. To do that, we must begin by establishing a solid rapport with your company that will benefit all parties. You’ll find that we work extra-hard to become part of your business family. That’s because our intent is never short-term but to earn and win a long-term relationship with you — by listening, quickly responding to your needs on a timely basis, and by providing unmatched merchandising and product quality.
And by taking full service vending to a level you’ve only imagined.


… to replenish.
At FreshBrew Vending, we’ve enhanced both the art and science of replenishment. To us it means much more than simply restocking a vending machine. By investing in the newest technologies with sensors for real-time supply/demand status, we are able to provide you with the selection of products you want.Furthermore, we offer an array of state-of-the-art equipment backed by an unparalleled level of service to keep your employees, students and patrons happy.
It means that we train route attendants to make minor repairs, while major machine overhauls are performed by qualified mechanics in our equipment inventory centers. It means that we provide our customers with consistent and highly effective preventive maintenance centers.
In the end, replenishment FreshBrew-style means that you’ll always have clean and attractive presentations of the merchandise you’ve selected. And that you and your employees will have the kind of satisfying vending experiences that helps keep your people happy and your workforce productive.


Vending for the 21st Century


techAlthough the history of vending dates back to as early as 215 B.C. Egypt, and coin-operated pencil vendors appeared in China in 1076 A.D. and coin-operated tobacco boxes appeared in English taverns in the 1700s, the first U.S. patents weren’t granted for coin-operated dispensers until 1886. It really wasn’t until the advent of the Industrial Revolution that the concept of vending machines came into vogue. Since then, the vending industry has benefitted from the rapid advance of technology that marked the 20th century and the opening of the 21st.


Today, there’s no reason the vending industry can’t take advantage of the technological sophistication of the lifestyle tools all around us today. Today’s cell phones bounce signals off satellites in low Earth orbit and have more power, capability and exponentially more data capacity than desktop PCs of a decade ago. Today’s automobiles talk to us and respond to spoken commands. Wireless networks and remote control of industrial equipment are commonplace in most work settings. The buying habits, purchasing processes and patterns of the workplace customer are continually evolving, too. So why not apply the same level of technology to the vending environment to realize greater efficiency, sustainability and reliability and heighten customer satisfaction?
That’s why at FreshBrew Vending we design and deliver vending solutions for our customers that use the latest and brightest in information and controls technology, advanced engineering and structural mechanics and design, and environmental conservation and sustainability concepts. And that’s why we’ve invested more than $500,000 over the last two years in state of the art computer hardware and software specifically designed, tested and proven for the vending industry.
That’s how we maintain our competitive advantage and provide our customers with highly advantageous pricing and efficiencies.


Inventory Management & Reporting
DEX & Remote Monitoring
LightSPEED Automation
End-Customer Convenience & Information


DEX & Remote Monitoring
Wireless technology increases our efficiency and reliability in serving customers. Using the DEX interface to connect each vending machine to external handheld computer device, the seed device harvests data and sends it to a cellular hub where it is stored, ready for near instant access by FreshBrew Vending for sales, rebate and inventory tracking, equipment status and pre-kitting for our drivers’ routes.
In effect, DEX has revolutionized the vending industry. Vending machines can communicate transaction data to operators through handheld remote monitoring devices, thus eliminating the need for manual meter readings and dependance on paper recording. In addition, it significantly reduces incidences of lost cash and expired products. Machines can be inventories and refilled in far less time and drivers are far more productive, covering more routes more efficiently.


Back in the good old days of the vending industry, a company’s trucks were basically rolling warehouses with the size and variety of the inventory limited by the size of the truck. With the emergence of pre-kitting as a preferred approach to replenishment, drivers no longer need to inventory the machine and then return to the truck to pull product or worse, return to the warehouse to shop for product. Trucks are loaded only with what is needed for the day’s deliveries meaning that they return to the warehouse virtually empty. Fuel and maintenance costs are lowered and because multiple warehouse runs are eliminated, drivers can service 20% to 30% more machines in a single day.


LightSPEED Automation
We rely on the LightSPEED vending pick system to simplify order fulfillment during the pre-kitting process. Light signals are used to direct fulfillment personnel to the right inventory items during the pre-kitting process. Pickers can quickly and easily find the desired bin location via LED displays instead of paper inventory sheets and clipboards. In addition, the displays also show the precise amount ordered for each delivery route as well as confirming when each item is picked.
We also use Streamware VendMAX, a comprehensive suite of vending and OCS technology solutions to help optimize control and accountability through sales tracking, inventory by product and history per machine, cash and automated control and invoicing, as well as optimal scheduling and routing recommendations.


End-Customer Convenience & Information
The MEI CASHFLOW® Series 2000 VNR Vending Recycler and the ePort Edge credit/debit card reader provide customers with quick and effortless ways to complete their transactions, while featuring tamper-resistant controls and bright, LED-powered displays for high visibility. Inside the machines, SureVend™ product delivery sensors make sure that the selected item “drops” or is delivered to the customer or their money is returned. With the Revision™ Door, FreshBrew Vending can upgrade used machines to DEX while delivering a clean and modern look with new LED lighting kits, energy-saving motion sensors, universal control boards with digital displays, new keypads, guaranteed delivery sensors and optional painted colors or custom fronts.
The MIND™ device (Making Informed Nutrition Decisions) allows customers to check nutritional and ingredient information prior to making their purchase. Easy to install on or near legacy and new machines and easy to use, the MIND ensures that your employees have the chance to make better and smarter dietary choices. It also provides the assurance that your vending banks and breakrooms are in calorie disclosure compliance with the U.S. FDA regulations for carrying out the provisions of Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (effective on March 23, 2011) as it pertains to vending machine operators with 20 or more vending machines.


The History of the Vending Industry


215 B.C.
  • A device to dispense holy water used in the temples of Alexandria, Eqypt, is described in the writings of the mathematician Hero.


1076 A.D.
  • Coin-operated pencil vending machines appear in China.


  • U.S. grants patents for coin-operated dispensers.


  • The Thomas Adams Company installs Tutti-Frutti gum machines on New York City elevated train platforms.


  • Horn and Hardart Baking Company opens the first Automat restaurant in Philadelphia.


  • The U.S. Post Office begins to use stamp vendors.


  • The market sees the commercial cigarette vending machines.


  • Invention of the first slug rejectors enables large-scale retailing through vending machines
  • Bottled soft drink machines cooled with ice appear on the market
  • National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) is founded (1936).
  • The Vendolator Company in Fresno, California, builds the first Coca-Cola vending machine.


  • Invention of the first coffee vendors leads to the use of vending machines for coffee breaks.


  • First refrigerated sandwich vending machines expand lunch menus.
  • The U.S. Public Health Service approves the Model Vending Sanitation code.
  • NAMA establishes industry’s first evaluation program to certify vending equipment.
  • Ice is served for the first time in cup soft drinks.


  • Dollar bill changers are added to vending banks.
  • Single cup coffee vending machines are introduced.
  • NAMA-affiliated state councils are launched.
  • New beverage option offered by canned soft drink vendors.
  • Vending companies begin furnishing microwave ovens to heat refrigerated foods.
  • The term “OCS” for Office Coffee Service is introduced.


  • Electric data retrieval system for machines introduced by International Totalizing System.
  • Electronic components applied to vending machines by Wurlitzer & RMI.
  • Glass front snack machine is introduced by Polyvend.
  • Water vending machines introduced.


  • Credit card/debit card devices for vending machines introduced.
  • First hand-held computers electronically capture vending data.
  • Frozen food vendors introduced.
  • First bean grinders introduced in coffee machines.


  • Flavored coffees, espresso, cappuccino introduced in machines.
  • NAMA approves industry-wide Data Transfer Standard.
  • Bag-in-box syrup containers installed in cold beverage machines.
  • First wireless transmission of data from machines to warehouses.


  • NAMA launches its Balanced for Life Health and Wellness Initiative to educate people about the importance of a balanced diet and physical activity.


  • Health care reform legislation is signed into law on March 23rd. Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires restaurants and similar food establishments with 20 or more locations to list calorie content information for standard menu items on menus, menu boards and drive-thru menu boards. The Act also requires vending machine operators who own or operate 20 or more vending machines to disclose calorie content for certain items. The FDA is required by law to issue proposed regulations to carry out these provisions by March 23, 2011.


Vending Machines


           Snack Machines                         Beverage Machines                Frozen Food Machines


FreshBrew Vending provides the right equipment for your needs, striking the right balance between quality, dependability and visual appeal.


With our design capabilities and the experience from more than 5,000 machines at work, we can put together machine profiles that benefit both you and your employees or consumers. In addition, we can upgrade and customize your break rooms or vending areas to reinforce your company brand and promote key workforce messaging.
Having invested more than $500,000 in state-of-the-art inventory and fulfillment tracking equipment, we provide the most advanced vending systems for your workplace backed by the industry’s most proactive and responsive replenishment and service programs in the country.

Snack Machines



Your snack machines will offer the best selling items and regional favorites. Under our “Be Fit” program, we also have the ability to provide healthy choice lifestyle selections at your request.


Basic Snack Machine


Ideal for locations with limited space and limited traffic, this compact 4-wide machine does the job efficientlyand provides you with the capability to offer your employees and customers a good snack variety. Perfect for waiting rooms, customer service areas and office break rooms.
  1.  – Compact 4-wide snack machine
  2.  – Ideal for limited traffic volume areas
  3.  – Low space requirement
  4.  – Energy-efficient LED lighting saves up to 20% on energy usage from fluorescent lighting
  5.  – Guaranteed delivery sensor available
  6.  – Be Fit Program can be custom tailored for smaller capacity machine
  7. – Credit card readers and cash recyclers available on all vending machines
Dimensions: 72.0”H x 37.8”D x 32.8”W
Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 3A




Standard Snack Machine


snack-machine2Engineered to efficiently accommodate medium traffic, this 5-wide snack machine offers greater product variety in an attractive package with energy-saving features.
  •  – Standard capacity 5-wide snack machines
  •  – Serves up to 150 customers
  •  – Greater product variety than smaller units
  •  – Expanded Be Fit program available for this unit
  •  – Guaranteed delivery sensor
  •  – Energy-efficient LED lighting
  •  – Credit card readers and cash recyclers available
Dimensions: 72”H x 38.8”D x 35”W
Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 3A




Expanded Snack Machine


snack-machine3If your break areas get a lot of use, this energy-efficient machine is perfect for heavy volume areas and offer the maximum in product variety. Perfect for keeping your employees on site.
  •  – Expanded capacity 6-wide snack machine for high-volume public areas or break areas with heavy foot traffic
  •  – Product offering similar to convenience store variety
  •  – 24-hour service
  •  – Offers 54% more capacity
  •  – Features the most expanded Be Fit program available
  •  – Credit card readers and cash recyclers available
  •  – Deluxe energy-saving LED lighting saves up to 20% on energy usage from fluorescent lighting
  •  – Energy saving motion sensor dims or turns off lights when no one is present, saving up to 65% on energy usage depending on foot traffic
  •  – Guaranteed delivery sensors
Dimensions: 72”H x 37.8D x 43.6W
Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 3A

Frozen Food Machines

Frozen Foods

Your frozen food machine features a state-of-the-art innovative design that prevents frost build-up and doesn’t require de-frost cycles, thus significantly improving the shelf life of frozen products.


frozen-machine1Our featured frozen food and ice cream machine offers significantly more versatility, reliability and energy efficient than most conventional frozen food vending machines, while also reducing fuel and labor costs associated with service frequency, mechanical break down and product waste.
  •  – Provides your customers with a wide variety of high-quality food, ice cream and frozen desserts 24/7
  •  – Features high quality brand names
  •  – Quick-to-heat frozen foods and desserts are always fresh
  •  – Up to 20 different selections
  •  – Credit card readers and cash recyclers available on all vending machines
Dimensions: CAFE-2GO 72”H x 35”D x 40”W
Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 9.7A
Refrigerant: R134a (5oz/150g)
Vacuum Motor: 24VDC

Beverage Machines


Your customers will be able to choose from a broad variety of beverage selections, including juices, health drinks and all lines of traditional soft drinks.


Beverage machines 2


bev-machine2You need the beverage machines in your break and public vending areas to be rugged, reliable and efficient while offering you the most in product variety. Since we’re not locked into national contracts that restrict competitive variety in product offerings, we can supply you with the best-selling products.
  •  – Best-selling beverage variety
  •  – Products delivered direct from the manufacturer to guarantee freshness
  •  – Energy efficient
  •  – Econo Cool refrigeration
  •  – Enhanced electronics
  •  – Credit card readers and cash recyclers available on all machines
GIII 72”H x 33.5”D x 37”W
Vue-30 72”H x 34.75”D x 39.5”W
Vue-40 72”H x 35”D x 41.5”W



 Beverage machines 2


bev-machine1Our energy-efficient glass front beverage vending machines feature a standard size for ease of placement, transport and storage, yet can accommodate 40 SKUs or 280-bottle capacity.
  •  – Offers twice the range of bottled products as other conventional machines
  •  – Accommodates a designated row of Be Fit selections such as juices and teas
  •  – Energy Star compliant
  •  – Credit card readers and cash recyclers available on all machines
Dimensions: RV V500 72”H x 35.5”D x 37”W

Customized Area Treatments

Customized Area Treatments

FreshBrew Vending can customize a design to suit your break room specifications.
Whether you would like a specific theme in overall décor, or your company logo incorporated into machine fronts, we can assist you in creating an attractive break room or vending area. Your customers and employees will view this area as a benefit to keep them happy. And you’ll be able to keep them on-site.


Our Commitment to You


From responding within three hours to a call for service or making sure your employees and customers are offered the product selection they prefer, each one of us is dedicated to making your experience with our company as effortless and worry-free as possible.


We promise to:


  • Provide the selection of mutually agreed upon products, equipment and service to satisfy your needs and the needs of your employees and customers.
  • Provide a vending experience and environment that enhance your employees’ productivity.
  • Train route attendants to make minor equipment repairs for you.
  • Provide qualified mechanics in our equipment inventory centers for machine overhauls.
  • Provide effective preventive maintenance programs.
  • Provide clean and attractive presentation of merchandise for your employees and customers.


Our Responsibilities


First of all, we don’t try to sell you merchandise your people don’t want. We survey your workplace to get product feedback, equipment comments and service considerations. It’s important to us to know exactly what your people like or dislike and what they think about the vending services we provide.


In addition, the FreshBrew people most important to you are the ones you’ll rely on the most — your route person, your field mechanic and your account supervisor — and their responsibilities are clear-cut and non-negotiable.


Your Route Person will:


  • Stock all products to be vended
  • Make collections of bill changers and cash boxes
  • Effect minor repairs and inspections
  • Rotate product as needed
  • Provide immediate refunds


Your field mechanic will:


  • Be available for emergency service 24/7
  • Respond to your service call within three hours or, if after business hours, before 2:00PM the following day
  • Rotate and/or exchange your equipment as necessary
  • Perform routine preventive maintenance


Your account supervisor will:


  • Maintain standards of performance
  • Perform surprise inspections
  • Provide weekly supervision
  • Provide customer relations and service support


Schedules & Plans


After FreshBrew Vending has visited your site(s) and become familiar with your needs, we will work with you to develop a route schedule for your location(s) based on the number of vending machines determined to be required at each location, type of vending machines to be serviced, machine capacity, estimated sales volume and traffic. Locations that are determined to have high volume sales will be serviced daily. Adjustments are made to each route schedule as sales volume history is established at each site. We also provide weekend service when necessary.


Our software tracks each vending machine at each location to report machine sales by product to assist our management in providing the most efficient and productive route scheduling program available. Changes in route schedules can be adjusted as needed to accommodate changes in customer counts, holidays, special or unexpected events, etc.


Quality Assurance


FreshBrew Vending follows the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Program for Quality and Sanitation.


  • All products for sale are purchased and stored in our warehouse by code date, all dates are inspected upon delivery and all products are rotated to ensure freshness.
  • Damaged product is returned to the seller and never used.
  • All product is issued to each route by the warehouse supervisor for delivery in a clean and inspected truck.
  • All trucks are inspected daily for cleanliness and damaged product.
  • All damaged product is returned to the warehouse for accountability purposes.
  • All perishable product has a pull date code for visual inspection by purchaser. All out-of-date product is returned to the warehouse.
  • All Cold Food product is delivered under refrigeration to the client at a temperature below 41ºF.
  • All vending machine equipment is UL and National Sanitation Foundation approved.
  • All refrigerated machines have thermometers and health controls, and will automatically refuse purchase if internal temperature exceeds 40ºF.
  • Vending route personnel will be in uniform, clean and neat, with good personal hygiene.
  • Cold Food Machines will have neat and clean shelf liners at all times.
  • All product contact points must be cleaned weekly or more often as necessary.
  • All liquid product machines will be sanitized on each service, deodorant placed in clean waste buckets and insect preventive measure taken.



vp-snacksYour snack machines will offer the best selling items and regional favorites. Under our “Be Fit” program, we also have the ability to provide healthy choice lifestyle selections at your request.
We develop new planograms on a quarterly basis to ensure that the most popular items available can be offered in your vending areas and break rooms.
You’ll be able to select the snack variety for your break room and vending areas from the regional top 100 lists compiled and distributed by Vistar, the largest supplier of vend items in the nation. We monitor the monthly lists and are in weekly communication with Vistar in order to be aware of developing trends in the market. Finally, we develop new planograms on a quarterly basis to ensure that the most popular items available can be offered in your vending areas and break rooms. BRANDS: ACT II, General Mills, Nestle, M&Ms, Poore Brothers, Synder’s, Famous Amos, Mrs Baird’s, Kellogg’s, Keebler, Planters, Hershey’s, Kraft, FritoLay, Snickers, David, Zapp’s

urlkraft_2012_logo_detaillogo-planterskelloggs-logoHershey's Logo77262717famousamos_mainfrito-lay-logo29fbb5d




vp-bevsWe have the unique advantage of offering our customers the beverage selections of their choice. Unlike many vending companies, we are not limited in selection by a national beverage contract.
We have the unique advantage of offering our customers the beverage selections of their choice. Unlike many vending companies, we are not limited in selection by a national beverage contract requiring a specific selection of brands on each machine. BRANDS: Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Pepsi, Tropicana, Dr Pepper, Ozarka, Snapple, Red Bull, 7Up, Powerade, Aquafina.




Frozen Foods & Ice Cream

Frozen Foods and Ice Cream

FreshBrew Vending also offers our customers a selection of frozen foods and ice cream to augment snacks and beverages.
FreshBrew Vending also offers our customers a selection of frozen foods and ice cream to augment snacks and beverages. DIMENSIONS: Length: 20.9″; Width: 5.5″; Depth: 16.5″



Be Fit Program

Be Fit Program

vp-befitFreshBrew Vending’s “Be Fit” program is all about offering healthier, nutritional choices to your employees and customers.
FreshBrew Vending’s “Be Fit” program is based on Wellness & You Vending, a nutrition lifestyle and education program designed to provide ongoing health and wellness information as well as healthier food choices, our Be Fit Program offers your customers healthier snack selections.
We are just as concerned with health issues as you are and want to give your employees and customers healthier options in your break rooms and vending areas. We can design menus for your machines that will satisfy a broad selection of dietary needs — low calorie, low fat, low trans fat, low sodium and low sugar.
Be Fit Program Standards:
  • 200 calories or less per serving
  • 35% or less calories from fat
  • Low or zero grams trans fat
  • 360 mg or less sodium per serving
Be Fit Program line-up may include baked chips and toasted snack crackers, pretzels, mixed nuts, dried fruit assortments, whole grain and fruit bars and 100-calorie packs of cookies.


Frequently Asked Questions


faqs-254x205About Machines & Placement:
How much do vending machines cost?
FreshBrew Vending provides all vending machines and service at no cost to you. We install the machines, stock them with products and service/maintain them. You or your employees and visitors pay only for the vending products purchased at your location. But, as a rule, you’ll spend approximately $3,000 to $4,500 for a beverage machine, or $2,500+ for a snack machine, if you plan on buying, placing and stocking a vending machine.
What are the requirements for placing a soda or snack vending machine?
FreshBrew Vending requires at least XX employees or a high amount of customer traffic to support a beverage machine. Snack items have a shorter shelf life, so it is important that the snack machine does enough volume that products do not spoil or extend past their “sell-by” date.
What sizes of vending machines are available?
The most standard beverage vending machines measure 72”x39”x33”. If the machine is located inside an enclosure, it is best to allow for 80”x45”x40” to accommodate door openings as well as space behind the machine for plug-in and air movement around the compressor.
Where should I install or place my vending machines?
Depending upon the type of facility and business, the locations may vary but, as a rule, beverage machines should be placed where there is the most foot traffic and where people are able to purchase without inconvenience or causing congestion. Additionally, machines should be located in areas that will minimize the potential for product contamination, such as areas that are well lit and easily cleaned, and have readily available hand-washing facilities. FreshBrew Vending will send a representative to site-survey your business and evaluate your need to determine the best locations and recommend how many machines should be installed.
What if an employee or customer loses money in the vending machine?
FreshBrew Vending will reimburse any money lost in the vending machine. Refunds are generally mailed out within 48 hours of notification of the issue.
What if my vending machine is vandalized?
If your machine is vandalized, you will not be held responsible for damaged equipment or lost money; however, FreshBrew Vending reserves the right to remove the machine if vandalism continues to be an issue. Choosing the best location for your vending machines can prevent vandalism. Well-lit, high traffic and indoor locations are usually better monitored and allow for a more secure vending environment — both for your employees and customers as well as the equipment.
What if I need to move my vending machine?
Since the products need to be removed before the machine can be moved, we suggest that you contact your customer service representative XX days in advance of your need.
What are the electrical requirements for a beverage machine?
Most drink machines run on 115 volts at approximately 10.5 amps and most commercial grade three-prong outlets can power a vending machine. Power consumption runs approximately 3.1 to 4.4 kWh/day for the lighting and 3/5 to 4 kWh/day for the refrigeration. The power consumption can vary depending upon the machine’s location — indoor or outside.
About Merchandise Handling & Storage:
How is food merchandise handled?
All food merchandise is stored and packaged in clean, protective, individual portions in single serve packages, and is transported and vended in a sanitary manner. Storage of cartooned, bottled, canned or packaged food is prohibited from being submerged in water or under ice.
Where does food merchandise come from?
All food offered for sale through FreshBrew Vending machines is manufactured, processed and prepared in commissaries that are in compliance with all State and local laws and regulations. Potentially hazardous food items (subject to spoilage if exposed to air or improper refrigeration) are dispensed in its manufacturer’s individual original container or wrapper, which are filled from bulk containers at the manufacturer’s plant.
Is food merchandise maintained at certain temperatures?
FreshBrew Vending has refrigerated facilities for these products at its 60,000- square-foot plant in Houston. Potentially hazardous food items (subject to spoilage if exposed to air or improper refrigeration) must be stored and displayed at 41ºF or below. Equipment thermometers must be accurate to within 2 degrees. All vending machines dispensing such food items are provided with refrigeration units and thermostatic controls to insure the maintenance of proper temperature at all times. In the event of noncompliance of required temperatures, automatic controls are present to prevent the machine from vending the food, which should be removed and rendered unusable for human consumption.
About Cleaning & Maintenance:
How often are machines cleaned?
FreshBrew Vending removes, cleans and sanitizes all multi-use containers or vending machine parts that come into direct contact with potentially hazardous food on a daily basis. All parts of vending machines that come into direct contact with other than potentially hazardous food are cleaned and sanitized in accordance with local health authority regulations.
What about machine integrity and maintenance?
The exterior design and construction of a vending machine must facilitate cleaning, minimize the access of insects and rodents and be located in such a manner that it can be easily cleaned and maintained. In regard to its interior surfaces and component parts, all food contact surfaces must be smooth, nontoxic, corrosion-resistant and capable of withstanding numerous repeated cleaning and sanitizing procedures.